Bandeau Optel

Introduction to sensor setup

This purpose is only an introduction to sensor setup. For more details, don’t hesitate to ask for the complete manual by sending an email to
To begin the setup, install the probe in front of the reflective stripe.
In general, the distance is nearly equal to the width of the white stripe.
Adjust the potentiometer position in order to switch on the Blue LED on the sensor and the red visible light at the end of the probe.

In front of the absorbing surface, the setup will not allow the detection, which means that blue LED and red visible light are switched off.

As marks are periodic and with same width, after performing the first two steps in static, you can fine-tune the settings in dynamic.
If possible, have a look at the TTL signal on an oscilloscope to know the cyclic ratio.
Cyclic ratio in %: ratio between time when signal is at 5V and total time of the detection stripe (white and black). Target is to obtain 50%.