Bandeau Optel

Fields of activity

In the many sectors where rotating machines are used, they face many challenges. Pushed to their highest levels of performance throughout their lifetime, they need to reduce their energy consumption while withstanding high external stresses. OPTEL-TEXYS sensors are a major asset in helping industry to achieve these goals.

01 Leading sectors


Automotive, aerospace, naval, railway, truck & bus

OPTEL-TEXYS offers a wide range of advanced detection systems for the extraction of acyclism phenomenon, torsional vibration of engines and their accessories, Thermal – Electric – Hybrid. Motorsport: brings a real added value during the engineering of high-performance engines for increasing reliability and facilitating the development.

Off Road
02 Large Machinery Sector


Agriculture, special machines, material handling

The more advanced engineering of special machines requires reliable and powerful sensors. In this frame of development, OPTEL-TEXYS supports the R&D teams which will install and use its sensors on their machines or mobiles devices. The measurement information is reachable in real time on the integrated test equipment either on the bench or on the vehicle. It allows refining the analysis in NVH, durability and reliability domains.

03 Energy sector

Energy, Electrical mobility

Nuclear, renewable & hydraulic

The diagnosis of nuclear and renewable electricity producing systems - wind turbines, hydro turbines - monitoring and surveillance, and the reduction of CO² are major issues in which OPTEL-TEXYS is particularly involved. The measurements carried out with our fibre optic sensors provide a better understanding of the reality of mechanical phenomena. They will also feed into the databases used for the simulation of rotating assemblies made up of turbines, shaft lines, braking systems and visco-elastic coupling systems

Énergie Mobilité Électrique
04 Highly constrained Sector


Heavy industry, mining

Within these industries whose strong constraints put measurement systems to the test, OPTEL-TEXYS offers adapted probe solutions and detection technology. In the presence of oil mist, dust, electromagnetic interference, high gas or liquid temperatures, explosive risks, you benefit from the intrinsic advantages of fibre optics (EMC immunity) and in addition, we adjust the design of the probes to ensure optimal detection in these difficult conditions.