Bandeau Optel


OPTEL-TEXYS fibre optic tachometers are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, covering the areas of engine and accessory tuning during bench or vehicle testing.
Among the recurring use cases, the characterisation and qualification of turbochargers have naturally called on the optical technology we offer, as it has several advantages. Another application well known to specialists who develop and test turbo machines is 'Tip-Timing' or blade deformation measurement
The legitimate question that the measurement technician asks when presented with the OPTEL-TEXYS solution is often: "But what are the advantages of this solution for my use case?
The aim of this note is to answer these questions through "customer" examples to which we have provided the answer adapted to their needs. However, some examples cannot be supported by photos or diagrams as we must respect their confidentiality.

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