MULTI TB YO D-8 Factory bended

Miniature optical fibre-bundle probe, operating mode proximity, reading head orientation: two half moons, rigid & durable,  90° factory fitting, over a section of the probe of 2.1mm

Technical Specificity


MULTUI TB YO D-8 Factory bended


Fiber bundles probes, reflective mode, sampling head alignment: two crescents, rigid and resistant, a portion of the probe 2, 1 mm factory adjusted or bent. Adjustment is performed at the factory to request according to your specifications or plans downloadable and on demand. The connecting piece of the 2 channels of the fiber has a diameter of 8 mm



If the contrast marking to be detected or teeth are wider than 2 mm and you want to insert the probe into a complex mechanical environment, which is known to you. Recommendation: When building, that introduced the fiber ends well and possible vibration damped. Over 1m in length is required an extra rim, REF: SURG.