152 M

Ultra-high-speed and high-power amplifier for optical probes

F> 1 000 000 information/sec. Rise time and fall time few nanosec.

2 Outputs: TTL + Analog

For the analysis of the cyclostationary phenomena, torsional vibrations analysis, acyclism measurement referencing, in particular on turbo machines. Contactless and Interference resistant detection. Continual process, from 0 to max. Patented

Technical Specificity


152M as Motorsport and Messtechnich, please enter to a world where approach of real mechanical phenomenon, true torsion (evident), switching frequency with more than 1 Million information per second, including 2 Outputs: TTL output + 1 analog output. Ultra low phase shift and naturally Jitter-free

152M is one open tool for developers, low phase shift and full image of the physical behaviour available at the top of the probe.

Let’s try together measurement with contact of torsion, torque, orbital, shaft motion, tip timing.

Please connect 152M to worldwide state of the art measurement and analysis systems. For customs solutions OPTEL THEVON development team is at your disposal to study you needs.


Calibration of other sensors, acyclism, torsional vibrations, RPM measurement, vibration, flexion, understanding of furtive and combined phenomenon, turbo machinery balancing machines. Speed sensor, Pick-up sensor, Trigger & CDM, Tdc & Teeth.