152 G8 GPK TTL

Sensor/amplifier, very high speed, for optical fibres, output TTL. Frequency: F: 600 KHz for speed measurement & torsional vibrations analysis, contactless, on rotating machines. Interference resistant detection. Continual process, from 0 to max. Patented

Technical Specificity


The must of high speed tachymetry and of Hybrid coding.

With a frequency bandwidth > 600KHz and a TTL output,

The continuous mode allow not to be affected by “période aveugle” ,   low phase shift and naturally Jitter-free, with sampling clock to avoid also conflict with Expert systems and emphasis cyclostationary phenomenon analysis.


Moreover 152 G8 will be the solution for measurement of high end application, needing extreme requirement reading including very fast respond time, and a perfect coherence between rising and falling time of square wave, in few nanosecond.  Speed sensor, Pick-up sensor, Trigger & CDM, Tdc & Teeth. Very low phase shift.