152 G7 5V GPK XSI

Sensor/amplifier, very high speed, for optical fibres,  differential TTL output. Power supply 5Vcc. Frequency: F: 250 KHz for speed measurement & torsional vibrations analysis, contactless, on rotating machines. Interference resistant detection. Continual process, from 0 to max. Patented

Technical Specificity



Worldwide tachymetric reference, with a frequency bandwidth of 250KHz, and a current consumption to avoid conflict with expert below 100mA, TTL output with Push Pull connector.

The continuous mode allow not to be affected by “période aveugle” , with sampling clock to avoid also conflict with Expert systems and emphasis cyclo-stationnary phenomenon analysis.

152 G7 is definitely the tool for measurement of acyclism, torsional vibration. 152G7 is also including the patented light at work function to save time and simplify settings during installation and operation.

A separatly sold optional splitter can convert RS 485 to TTL


Acyclism measurement, sliding, torsional vibration, engine RPM, speed, tachymetry, order analysis, balancing,  Speed sensor, Pick-up sensor, Trigger & CDM, Tdc & Teeth. Connexion with Siemens Input modules XSI.