152 G6 GPK TTL

Sensor/high-speed amplifier for optical fibres, output TTL PNP, Power supply 10 to 30Vcc F: 100 KHz speed & torsional vibrations measurement,Pick-up sensor, Trigger & CDM, Tdc & Teeth, contactless, on rotating machines. Interference resistant detection. Continual process, from 0 to max. Standard version. Patented

Technical Specificity


With a working frequency of 100KHz and a power consumption below 100mA, power supply 10 to 30Vcc, TTL output, 152G6 has the same electronic conception as 152G7 on which technical choice was sensitivity. In counterpart, frequency bandwidth is reduce compare to 152G7. Naturally jitter-free without any clock so not pulsed this sensor will provide a very accurate transcription of the speed variation and analysis of cyclo-stationary phenomenon. 152G6 is a powerful tool for measurement of ascyclisms and torsional vibration. Including the patented light at work function to save time and simplify settings during installation and operation.


Measurement of Acyclism, torsional vibration, sliding, RPM, angular speed. This sensor shll be use when optical fiber probe length is over 6 meters and when the part to detect is not very reflective (i.e theeth). If the measurement needs a larger frequency bandwidth with high power, we recommend to use 152M.